The surf school

To learn to surf is to learn to practice a sliding sport in a natural environment.

An instructor will help you to acquire the technical gestures that allow you to slide and move on the waves: the take off (change from lying down to standing), the bottom turn (turn made at the bottom of the wave), the roller (radical and incisive turn to be made at the top of the wave) and many others.

But the practice of surfing is also linked to the knowledge of the environment in which you evolve: the ocean. The instructor will teach you to know it and to measure the dangers in order to practice surfing safely.

Surf course for beginners

You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer to learn to surf because an instructor is always next to you in shallow water. The most important thing is to want to be in the water and surf.

For your first lessons you will learn the basics of surfing: what a surfer’s equipment is made of, what are the safety instructions for surfing in the ocean, how the waves work in general and in Tamarin Bay, how to position yourself on your board, when to row and when to get up (take off).

You will be equipped with a foam board with soft daggerboards to avoid injuries, a pair of booties and a neoprene wetsuit to protect you from the sun, this is included in the price.


Intermediate and advanced surfing courses

You already have experience as a surfer and you wish to progress in your practice? Our courses for intermediate and advanced levels will allow you to improve your board control and your glide.

You will have valuable advice at the right time to progress on your manoeuvres and learn new ones.


Our prices

  • Private lessons 1500Rs
  • Group of 2 people 2000Rs
  • Group of 3 people 2400Rs
  • Group of 4 people 2800Rs

Rate per hour, payable in advance.

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